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From Darkness to Light

Back in 2014 there was an epiphany amongst Scots, especially relating to our understanding of the BBC, our traditional media and their partiality during the first independence referendum.

One of the logical explanations of perceived bias at the BBC was the many links between management at the BBC and senior figures in the Labour Party, the partners of the Tories in the Unionist Better together campaign.

One such example was John Boothman, former BBC Scotland head of news and current affairs at BBC Scotland who is married to former Labour MSP Susan Deacon. You may recall seeing Susan Deacon in the news in the final week before the recent general election resigning from Police Scotland and blaming the SNP for “political interference” at a sensitive time with less than a week before the vote.

John Boothman was removed from his position in 2015 after being recorded making “deeply offensive remarks” about BBC camerawoman Zoe MacDonald and her mother, legendary SNP MP & MSP, Margo MacDonald.

Nowadays John Boothman is writing articles for the Times newspaper, today writing an article promoting Tory plans to rip up devolution and change the Scotland Act so investment and decisions on infrastructure will be made by Boris Johnston in London and be branded UK Government spending in Scotland.

This is the Tories great plan to “Lovebomb” Scotland and reduce support for independence. The big con for independent minded Scots is that any new or existing money for this purpose, now out of Scotland’s control, will be used to inflate our perceived deficit. The GERS figures will then be brought out during a future campaign to assert that we can’t have our independence, can’t join the EU and so on.

The big question for the yes movement is how do we take on the traditional media in the upcoming #indyref2020 campaign?

We have the people to debunk the stories, we are capable of analysis, writing articles, providing sources and collectively we have the online reach.

How can we pool our resources with a central point of co-ordination to submit “SNP accused”, “NHS Crisis” and “GERS” articles on a daily basis and publish responses to the yes movement within hours so they can be shared with the wider public?

Let’s show them we can.

Aye Aberdeen

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