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What next for Scotland?

Boris Johnson has a majority which ensures Brexit will now happen. This will enable the SNP mandates at Holyrood & Westminster for #indyref2 to prevent us being taken out of the EU against our will.

The withdrawal agreement will be signed off by January initiating the transition period which ends in December 2020. While Article 50 was extended, the end of the transition period remains at the same date. It is a clear promise in the Conservative manifesto that this transition period will not be extended.

Donald Trump has already said the current withdrawal agreement would prevent a trade deal being signed with the USA. The EU will have their own negotiating position leaving Boris in the impossible situation of having to keep 3 non-compatible trade policies aligned during talks. Trade deals with the USA take nearly 4 years on average to implement (PIIE figures), Boris has 11 months.

The reality is that a no deal exit in December 2020 is most likely. This is Boris's only leverage, threaten no deal right to the wire. Who will blink 1st? At that stage Article 50 can't be revoked.

In Scotland we still have have the choice, enable #indyref2020 by whatever means possible and escape from a no deal Brexit and other damaging Tory policies.

Nicola over to you, we trust you have a plan. We will be ready..

There is also the possibility that Boris has lied about everything and we have absolutely no idea what lies in wait for any of us..

2019 Aye Aberdeen

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